20, January 2023 - 31, March 2024

Child's Heart

A Global Art Storytelling Exhibit

Event Highlights

Art Unveiling from Around the Globe:
Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of art as we unveil captivating stories through paintings, illustrations, and mixed media creations. Artists from various corners of the world will share their interpretations of the universal theme - a child's pure and innocent heart. "Larong Pinoy" Philippine traditional Childhood games expressed in art by Filipino visual artists will also be featured in the event.

Global Perspectives, Local Stories:
"Child's Heart" invites you to witness the convergence of global perspectives with the richness of local stories. Each piece on display carries a unique tale, providing a glimpse into children's lives, dreams, and imaginations worldwide.
Simultaneously, A museum therapy conference and workshop will be held in the Philippines to feature Mubabao Story Telling Museum Creative Blocks.
Interactive Storytelling: Beyond the Canvas
"Child's Heart" offers an interactive storytelling experience. Engage with the artists' narratives, explore the inspiration behind each piece, and connect with the stories that resonate with your experiences.

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