24, June 2023 - 24, July 2023


A Magical Art Exhibit

About JiliArt

Jilian Ashley Cordova, mostly known as JiliArts, is a 16 years old aspiring self-taught artist from Laguna, Philippines. Originally, Jilian Ashley was a calligrapher. At a young age, Jilian developed an interest in the arts. Her journey began the moment when the pandemic started. Calligraphy is her first love of art. She learned calligraphy by watching tutorials on youtube and doing some research about it. Soon enough, as time passes, she becomes more eager to explore the colorful and magical world of art by entering the door beneath the knowledge of painting. She became interested in it and diligently studied all there was to know about it.

Originally recognized for her mastery in calligraphy, Jilian's artistic journey began amidst the onset of the pandemic. Fuelled by a deep passion for the arts, she ventured into the enchanting realm of painting, unveiling a world of colors and magic. With unwavering dedication, Jilian immersed herself in the study of painting, leaving no brushstroke unexplored.

But that's not all! Did you know that Jilian Ashley, even at her tender age, successfully ran a small business in the Philippines? She captivated hearts with her hand-painted keychains, offered at affordable prices. Additionally, she delighted customers by selling her own artworks and even accepting portrait commissions. It's truly awe-inspiring to witness her unleash her immense potential at such a young age. This exhibit marks just the beginning of her vibrant artistic journey, as she continues to captivate the world with her skills.

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